3-bedroom Apartment for Rent in Sathorn Bangkok Offers Space


3-bedroom Apartment for Rent in Sathorn Bangkok Offers Lots of Space

A 3-bedroom apartment for rent in Sathorn, Bangkok offers the best of several worlds, a short commute to work, great facilities and amenities and loads of luxurious space. 

If you’ve been apartment-hunting around Bangkok after relocating to the city, you may have noticed that while all the apartments offer lots of amenities and excellent facilities, the one thing most of them are lacking in, is space.

Most of the new apartments and condos are geared towards singles and couples who live and work in the city. There are thousands of available studios, and one and two-bedroom apartments available. But if you have multiple children, your choices are limited.

Apartments Developed for Families 

Thankfully, you’ll have better luck locating a spacious, modern apartment if you start looking in the Sathorn area of Bangkok. The Sathorn area is the business


Best Spots for Afternoon Tea in Central Embassy, Bangkok

red velvet cake


If you’ve set your sights on having afternoon tea central embassy Bangkok but not sure where to dine, we are here to help! This downtown mall is quite large and offers a range of dining options, to help you sort through the fray, we’ve sampled all the cake and drank all the tea, so now we’re well-positioned to dispense advice. So, without further ado, let us guide you toward three top high tea establishments.


1. Sretsis Parlour

Sretsis looks like a fantasy fairy tale come true. Like Alice entering Wonderland, step beyond the pink façade and be drawn into a dream world of carpeted floral floors, hand-painted fresco skies, whimsical unicorn wallpaper and delicate bespoke bone china. For a special girls’ day out, wedding party or baby shower, this is the best spot in town. Enjoy a range of signature tea sets, including cakes, teas, champagne and more.


8 things you should avoid to keep your beauty long-lasting

To maintain beauty through the years, women should  follow certain guidelines to look their best and feel good about themselves. Still, there are also behaviors that can possibly harm our health or our appearance as well. Here are 8 things to avoid to maintain your natural beauty.

  1. Do not smoke: smoking is the factor that has most damaged the health and beauty of both men and women. It produces wrinkles, ruins hair, reduces fertility, destroys the lungs, etc. The list of damages produced by smoking is endless.
  2. Do not drink alcohol beyond your limit: excessive drinking damages the liver, skin, etc. If you cannot say No to an important, big party, try alternative drinks like mocktails or juices. Don’t feel bad to be one of those who are not drinking. Healthy is a new beauty!
  3. Don’t eat junk food: it has no nutrients, only fat. It produces overweight and

Foldable Smartphones Have Arrived

Foldable Smartphones

It’s been seen as the Holy Grail of smartphone technology ever since the launch of the first tablets. Tons of people, both in the phone manufacturing business and regular smartphone users, dreamt of combining the larger screens of tablets with the compact size of today’s smartphones. It seemed like such a no-brainer of an idea, but the foldable smartphone has been an elusive goal to reach for phone manufacturers. 

2019 saw the announcements of three foldable smartphones. Every other manufacturer is struggling to bring their own versions of foldable smartphones to the market, and a few others have filed patents and introduced prototypes of their models. But, for now, only Samsung, Motorola and Huawei have launched a foldable smartphone to be sold to the public.  

Different Designs – Which One Will Win?


The entries from Samsung and Huawei seem to be what most people visualized the folding smartphone to


Careers in Wildlife Management


The Realities of a Career in Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management

Everyone has seen the Discovery Channel and National Geographic wildlife programmes on TV. For some viewers, the lifestyle of a person working in wildlife management and communing with wild animals seems to be both exciting and rewarding.


But a rock star doesn’t just pick a guitar one day and become an instant sensation. The people who are bona fide rock stars in the field of wildlife management didn’t just pick up a camera and venture out into the wilderness to capture amazing footage of animals in their natural environment.


For every Steve Irwin or David Attenborough on TV, there are thousands of dedicated people toiling away in laboratories or field campsites that represent the true lifestyle of a career in wildlife management.


The Education Requirements of Wildlife Management

Many of the people who you see on screen in