What to Expect from Early Years International Schools

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the standard education system for early years education in England and comprises a pedagogy focused on well-rounded development. The program covers education for all children until they are five years old, at which point they continue to a different education system depending on their school’s preference. 

Outside England, many early years international schools follow the EYFS system for its reputation as a leading developmental program.

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If you live outside of England and wish to enroll your child in an early years international school that follows EYFS, here is what you can expect for your child’s education.

Play-Based Learning 

EYFS is developed around the idea that how and what a child learns in the early years of their life will have a lasting effect on how they develop. Children in an EYSF program can expect to learn through playing and games and will learn


Businesses are Recognizing the Benefits of Face Matching

Face matching software is often first seen as being too futuristic and unsuitable for retail businesses. But as soon as many brands learn how easy it can be to install and the many benefits it can provide, they quickly become converts to this easy-to-use technology. 

Face matching technology has reached far past security being the only use for it. Nowadays, many brands use it in their marketing exercises to identify regular customers and give them special treatment. They also use it to trigger special offers and video ads on their sales floors. 

As the technology continues to become more sophisticated, marketing will continue to find uses for it. They might include identifying specific shoppers that shopped on certain aisles and award them free gifts on checkout. Or it may be as simple as making notes for the future on which shoppers had children with them to target for certain products


Experiment with a European Kitchen Supplier

Want to shake up your kitchen décor and lifestyle? Many homeowners all over the country of Thailand are discovering how European kitchen suppliers can open up a whole new lifestyle and appreciation for cooking. The design features of the kitchen counters, islands, cabinets, furniture, and accessories offered by these suppliers improve the cooking habits of Thailand’s home chefs. They make it more enjoyable to spend time in the kitchen. 

Taking a stroll through the showroom of European kitchen suppliers can give you lots of ideas to use in planning a new kitchen. European designers pride themselves on incorporating efficiency as well as beauty into their kitchen furnishing concepts and designs. They spend a lot of time researching the most effective ways to provide all of the elements that homeowners want to be improved, including more storage space, less intrusive door, and cabinet handles, easier to clean surfaces, and greater durability. 


Your Kids Will Love a Bangkok Hotel Family Suite

Bangkok hotel family suite

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Kids naturally love to explore the world around them. But as parents, you want to ensure their safety and happiness while your family is on holiday, which means keeping an eye on them whenever you can. By booking a Bangkok hotel family suite, parents and kids can enjoy more time together, and younger kids can feel safe and comfortable in their travels. 

More and more hotels in the city are starting to offer spacious Bangkok hotel family suites to visitors who enjoy traveling as a family. These suites eliminate the need to book multiple hotel rooms and make it easier to save money while you’re traveling. These suites come with everything a family needs to enjoy their time in the city. They have extra room so kids can stretch out and enjoy themselves, and parents have space to relax as well. 


Bangkok is a


Invest in Quality Office Furniture in Bangkok

Managers and owners should invest in high-quality office furniture in Bangkok to help raise their brand’s image and reputation for quality products and services. With the economic growth of Thailand, every industry in the country also faces increased competition. 

To stand out and give your brand an edge amongst your competitors, having a well-appointed office allows you to present your brand in its best light. Suppliers, clients and investors naturally become more trusting of a brand’s reputation, once they’ve seen an organised and well-furnished office. It tells them that the brand takes pride in their workspace and realises the value of having a pleasant place to work adds to the brand’s bottom line.

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The Value of Quality Office Furniture in Bangkok


There is a reason why quality furniture is highly prized. By investing in quality office furniture from the start, you end up paying less over the years. Your


Find Out How a Knee Clinic in Bangkok Can Help You

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It used to be that experiencing chronic pain in your knees immediately brought to mind the considerable expense and lengthy recovery of a total knee replacement operation. But these days, an experienced knee clinic in Bangkok may be able to offer several alternative treatments, therapies and techniques that can save you from the expense and difficult rehab of a knee replacement.  

Stem cell therapy is one of the most recent techniques a knee clinic in Bangkok may offer. Stem cells are cells within everyone’s body that can transform themselves, help the body where it’s needed, and divide indefinitely. 

The knee clinic in Bangkok offering stem cell therapy will remove stem cells from your body, and inject them into damaged tissue and muscles around your knees. These stem cells will then help the tissue and muscles regenerate themselves and provide healthy support for your knees.

But stem cell therapy is just


Make an Investment in Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver

Buying top-quality jewelry is seen as an investment. And wholesale 925 sterling silver is considered the best investment in sterling silver jewelry you can make. 

Silver has different grades of quality, depending on the use of this valuable metal. Jewelry manufacturers value 925 sterling silver as the best grade of silver for their purposes. The number ‘925’ denotes the purity of the silver. It means that silver called ‘sterling silver’ is an alloy consisting of at least 92.5 % pure silver. The other 7.5 % consists of other metals, mainly copper, zinc or nickel. 

Pure silver is considered too brittle and unyielding to serve as a material suitable for jewelry-making. By adding these other metals to the silver to create an alloy, silversmiths also make the resulting alloy softer and more malleable. It retains the same visual characteristics as pure silver, but it can be fashioned into intricate jewelry that


Discover the Finest in Authentic Thai Dining in Bangkok

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With the profile of Thai cuisine continuing to grow throughout the world, many people can’t until the COVID-19 pandemic is over and tourists can once again visit Thailand. Many of them will, of course, come to sample the world-famous street food available all over Bangkok. But to really discover Thai cuisine, you should sample the entire range of the cooking by experiencing authentic Thai dining in Bangkok as well as the street food. 

Both street-style food and authentic dishes are loved equally by most Thais. Street food is seen as a convenient, cheap and delicious lunch treat. But authentic Thai dining in Bangkok is looked on as a special occasion to enjoy with family, friends and honoured guests.

‘Authentic’ Thai cuisine refers to dishes that have recipes passed down over the generations. These are the ancient and much-revered flavours, aromas and textures of Thailand. A few of the restaurants featuring


Top 3 Places to Visit Nearby Hotels in Mai Khao Beach Phuket

In all honesty, the list of things to do specifically in Mai Khao Beach isn’t that long, when compared to other places on Phuket island, like Laguna or Patong. But, is the point of a vacation to rush around like crazy or sit and relax? We reckon a little bit of both, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top three places to visit when you need a little time away from your sun lounge. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best places to visit nearby all major hotels in Mai Khao Beach Phuket.


1] Plane Spotting

You might not know this, but the #1 activity in Mai Khao Beach is plane spotting! Why? Because this fantastic beach lies alongside the western end of Phuket International Airport’s runway. The 50-metre-wide stretch of beach makes for an incredible place to stand as giant birds of


Savor the Unique Experience of Thai Fine Dining

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Thai food is loved by people all over the world. But most of what foreigners consider to be Thai food is simple, but tasty dishes that can be found in any restaurant or food stall in Thailand. If they happened to venture into a Thai fine dining establishment, their entire perception of Thai food would be changed forever. 

Origins of the Royal Thai Cuisine Phenomenon

Fine dining Thai cuisine takes Thai food, as Gordon Ramsay is fond of saying “to a whole new level.” This type of Thai cuisine emerged onto the food scene when innovative chefs began researching the food served to Thailand’s succession of Kings and the Royal Family down through the ages. 

They found that the recipes for favorite dishes were handed down through the generations of chefs working in the Royal Palace kitchens. These dishes were often served to visiting dignitaries and heads of state as