Businesses are Recognizing the Benefits of Face Matching

Face matching software is often first seen as being too futuristic and unsuitable for retail businesses. But as soon as many brands learn how easy it can be to install and the many benefits it can provide, they quickly become converts to this easy-to-use technology. 

Face matching technology has reached far past security being the only use for it. Nowadays, many brands use it in their marketing exercises to identify regular customers and give them special treatment. They also use it to trigger special offers and video ads on their sales floors. 

As the technology continues to become more sophisticated, marketing will continue to find uses for it. They might include identifying specific shoppers that shopped on certain aisles and award them free gifts on checkout. Or it may be as simple as making notes for the future on which shoppers had children with them to target for certain products


Foldable Smartphones Have Arrived

Foldable Smartphones

It’s been seen as the Holy Grail of smartphone technology ever since the launch of the first tablets. Tons of people, both in the phone manufacturing business and regular smartphone users, dreamt of combining the larger screens of tablets with the compact size of today’s smartphones. It seemed like such a no-brainer of an idea, but the foldable smartphone has been an elusive goal to reach for phone manufacturers. 

2019 saw the announcements of three foldable smartphones. Every other manufacturer is struggling to bring their own versions of foldable smartphones to the market, and a few others have filed patents and introduced prototypes of their models. But, for now, only Samsung, Motorola and Huawei have launched a foldable smartphone to be sold to the public.  

Different Designs – Which One Will Win?


The entries from Samsung and Huawei seem to be what most people visualized the folding smartphone to