8 things you should avoid to keep your beauty long-lasting

To maintain beauty through the years, women should  follow certain guidelines to look their best and feel good about themselves. Still, there are also behaviors that can possibly harm our health or our appearance as well. Here are 8 things to avoid to maintain your natural beauty.

  1. Do not smoke: smoking is the factor that has most damaged the health and beauty of both men and women. It produces wrinkles, ruins hair, reduces fertility, destroys the lungs, etc. The list of damages produced by smoking is endless.
  2. Do not drink alcohol beyond your limit: excessive drinking damages the liver, skin, etc. If you cannot say No to an important, big party, try alternative drinks like mocktails or juices. Don’t feel bad to be one of those who are not drinking. Healthy is a new beauty!
  3. Don’t eat junk food: it has no nutrients, only fat. It produces overweight and