Make an Investment in Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver

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Buying top-quality jewelry is seen as an investment. And wholesale 925 sterling silver is considered the best investment in sterling silver jewelry you can make. 

Silver has different grades of quality, depending on the use of this valuable metal. Jewelry manufacturers value 925 sterling silver as the best grade of silver for their purposes. The number ‘925’ denotes the purity of the silver. It means that silver called ‘sterling silver’ is an alloy consisting of at least 92.5 % pure silver. The other 7.5 % consists of other metals, mainly copper, zinc or nickel. 

Pure silver is considered too brittle and unyielding to serve as a material suitable for jewelry-making. By adding these other metals to the silver to create an alloy, silversmiths also make the resulting alloy softer and more malleable. It retains the same visual characteristics as pure silver, but it can be fashioned into intricate jewelry that resists cracking and breaking. 

Karen necklace

Value of Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver

Suppliers advertise wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry because that has become the standard of quality in the industry. End customers know that if the jewelry they invest in is 925 sterling silver, the piece has an intrinsic value as well as an esthetic value. 

It’s the intrinsic value alone that serves as the basis for a monetary value of an estate that includes silver jewelry as part of its assets. This jewelry, although it may never be redeemed for its true worth, often become heirlooms handed down through the generations of a family. 

By ensuring that you’re only buying 925 sterling silver jewelry, you’re also giving your heirs a choice in how they use the inheritance you’ve provided. They can use it for its monetary value, or simply cherish it for its beauty and the memories it provides.