How to Design a Luxury Walk-in Closet

How to Efficiently Design a Luxury Walk-in Closet

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The key to any new housing design or remodeling project is to design for efficiency. Underneath style, a home should be functional and planned to accommodate the owner’s habits, lifestyle, and possessions. For many homeowners, having a luxury walk-in closet design is chief among priorities. A closet is more than just a space to hang clothes and store accessories; it can be the defining feature of a master bedroom. 

There are many factors to consider when designing a luxury walk-in closet, a few of which we cover below.



The layout and design plan for a walk-in closet sets the foundation for the space as a whole and needs to be designed for efficiency. Designers need to account for the amount of space needed for clothes, shoes, accessories, and other apparel, by each of the closet’s occupants. Those with a lot of accessories, such as watches and jewelry, often prefer to have a central island to house those items while the perimeter is kept for clothing. 

Given the flexibility in designing a luxury walk-in closet, ensuring the layout of the space is optimized for efficiency should be the first step in the design process.




After planning an efficient layout for the closet, designers can work on the furnishings and style of decór of the space. Here is where homeowners get involved and select the type of materials used, styles of drawer and shelving, and the furnishings on each face of the closet. This aspect of the design is highly personal and is where luxury designs shine through.  


The combination of an efficient layout and luxury interior design is what truly makes a luxury walk-in closet design complete. It is necessary to work with the homeowners to get their input and find out as much information as possible about their needs.  These two elements of the design process are the most essential in order to have a project to be proud of.