Discover the Finest in Authentic Thai Dining in Bangkok

thai dining

With the profile of Thai cuisine continuing to grow throughout the world, many people can’t until the COVID-19 pandemic is over and tourists can once again visit Thailand. Many of them will, of course, come to sample the world-famous street food available all over Bangkok. But to really discover Thai cuisine, you should sample the entire range of the cooking by experiencing authentic Thai dining in Bangkok as well as the street food. 

Both street-style food and authentic dishes are loved equally by most Thais. Street food is seen as a convenient, cheap and delicious lunch treat. But authentic Thai dining in Bangkok is looked on as a special occasion to enjoy with family, friends and honoured guests.

‘Authentic’ Thai cuisine refers to dishes that have recipes passed down over the generations. These are the ancient and much-revered flavours, aromas and textures of Thailand. A few of the restaurants featuring